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They’re obviously not very whimsical, but they use the ‘fantastic’ to reflect on reality, or subverse it, or to philosophise.

Her dad can hardly be relied on for parental support. Most reviews gave you the impression that the story was about the struggle for survival by the two main characters after a Hurricane Katrina type flood that was linked to global warming, a theme right up my alley.

With time and overuse, artistic style degenerates into mannerism.

In fact, I should have paid closer attention to the fact that this movie won the Grand Jury prize there this year, as well as the Camera d’Or for best first film at Cannes. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Hushpuppy eats the chicken with her hands and gives the leftovers to a dog and a pig that live in a shed nearby. Anyway, you’re not the only one to recoil at the smugness of the Zeitlin quote.

Comment by purple — July 5, 2012 @ 3:45 pm. At one point, Wink hatches an ill-planned attempt to blow up a levee in order to drain a flooded patch of land; later, Hushpuppy and three other children swim out to a floating brothel to eat deep-fried gator and dance with prostitutes. Yes, who needs the “meddling good intentions of big government” in this day and age, especially when the people who would benefit from its largesse are plucky enough to start a gas range with a blowtorch and shoot a shotgun at hurricanes to prove their survival skills? As someone who has actually caught such a fish, I was so insulted by the foolish notion that you can pluck one out of the water with your bare hands like a dill pickle from a barrel that I just walked out. Beasts of the Southern Wild. Though maybe the problem is not magical realism as such, but cases where the magic is not used to comment on reality, but instead annihilates it? It is just a rant that I want to share with my readers who tend to have the same prejudices as me, bless their knotty little heads.). Tim Grierson of says he was “impressed by the boldness of its ambitions and the depth of its emotional pull” but that did not prevent him from identifying The Five Worst Indie-Film Cliches In Sundance Darling Beasts Of The Southern Wild, among them: 4. None of which actually gets at the real tragedy or the real emotion of the event.

From the right, you can admire the libertarian virtues of a band of local heroes who hold fast to their traditions and who flourish in defiance of the meddling good intentions of big government. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This is the sort of thing that will get you a prize at Sundance and fawning reviews in the NY Times but I’ll be damned if I see this film as anything but what is: a racist piece of garbage that treats Black people as “beasts”.
It’s not magical realism, but you should check out the film Micmacs. It just as easily might be interpreted as the jargon of a jazz musician saying something like “Man, ease up on the tempo in your solo.”. A visual archive. Ugh.

Told through Hushpuppy’s eyes and in her words, what could have been portrayed as simply a ramshackle existence instead becomes a girls’ own adventure.

Again, this is especially true of its anglophone variants: see the tedious fables of Jeanette Winterson, or the eccentric but warm-hearted villagers of Louis de Bernières. Don’t make the mistake of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. All photos assumed to be public domain, message for credit/removal. The politics here are so reactionary and ass-backwards that people, even children, die from pollution, poverty, and violence. If you go to such places like Morgan City, Avery Island, Cocodrie, and Chauvin, there is a definite sense of being in the “hic sunt dracones” part of the map. I dunno, what about the “Thanatoids” in Thomas Pynchon’s _Vineland_?

Interesting review. As a person involved in social justice-focused teacher education, I have seen movement inspired by imaginative literature.

Wink’s health is fragile - he disappears for long stretches and encourages his daughter to live somewhat independently in her own makeshift home, across the way from his.

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