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Really, the worst things you’d have to worry about at a summer camp are bland food, humid weather, and ticks—not ideal, but certainly nothing life-threatening.

In Jason X, the 2001 film that brushed aside any doubts that the Friday the 13th franchise had jumped the shark, scientists in the year 2455 find Jason’s frozen corpse at the Camp Crystal Lake government facility on the now-polluted Earth. The Appalachian Trail runs immediately adjacent to the camp property.

Sometime in the 1970s, both Mr. and Mrs. Christy had died, reportedly broke and crazy.

One character has the dubious honor of receiving perhaps the most creative death in the whole franchise—courtesy of Jason waking up, attacking an intern named Adrienne, dipping her head in freezing liquid nitrogen, and smashing it like an ice cube. It was the first stage which appeared in Terrordrome. The camp opened in 1927, making it the oldest continuously operating Scout camp in New Jersey. Well, the tour was a huge success! Stabbings don't happen here as often as believed. Camp Crystal Lake is a stage in Terrordrome: Rise of the Boogeymen based on Friday the 13th. Pamela was a cook at Camp Crystal Lake, who suffered a horrible tragedy when her deformed son Jason was bullied by the other kids and ultimately drowned in the lake. To make sure you’re able to get to the camp safely, it’s best if you have a vehicle—or at least, someone to give you a ride. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The best thing I can recommend is that you invest in a really solid security system, and maybe adopt a doberman? Her sick mind, combined with her over-protectiveness of her son, had convinced her that the murder of Barry and Claudette was not vengeance served; she had to ensure that no other child would share Jason's fate.

Jason might be an unkillable force of nature who will hunt you down at your home and through the far reaches of space, but sometimes even the best slasher villains are no match for a round of shots and a few pints of beer.

Driving Directions: Map to Blairstown, NJ Blairstown is a small town West of Newton, NJ, located in the Northwestern corner of the state, close to the Pennsylvania border.

To protect the health and safety of our youth campers, the camp is not open to visitors at any time outside an official tour date.

The tickets are pricy, starting around $189, but all funds go to maintaining the camp where scouts have spent the summer since 1927.

This time, no longer content with sabotage, Pamela stalked and killed nearly all of the new counselors. It is a bad idea. If this is difficult to accept, just pretend a counselor stint at Camp Crystal Lake is like being on the Netflix reality series Too Hot to Handle—except instead of losing money every time a peer hooks up, you lose a body part. There are also opportunities to purchase cool souvenirs, like bottled water from the lake. Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco plays Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th, the famous hunting grounds of Jason Voorhees.

Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (or “No-Be” for short) is a thriving Scout camp located in Hardwick, New Jersey, USA.

Jason and large bodies of water have a complicated relationship. Ted isn’t a particularly fleshed out character: He’s a bit dorky and, as far as slasher genre conventions go, is billed as one of the comic relief characters.

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