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There are positives and negatives to both models, so it really comes down to individual needs and goals.

There may be strict rules around who you can sell the agency to, and more often than not, many captive agency owners wind up selling it back to the carrier for a fraction of its value. However, it won’t guarantee success. 5 Data Measurement and Reporting Mistakes in App Store Optimization (ASO), 5 Step Workflow For Making Podcast Style YouTube Videos, Creating A Memorable Onboarding Customer Experience — A Strategy For Sustainable Business Success, How Buffer Got 229% More Applicants by Embracing Radical Transparency, What The Mother Of Dragons Can Teach Us About Personal Brand, How Linking Google Analytics With Ads Help to Improve Campaigns Performance, Reasons Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Working. When launching a new business, there are often a lot of unknowns, which is why a captive broker model can be appealing. There is freedom from the strict regulations of a parent company.

Providing customized insurance placement and risk management advice, RSC Insurance Brokerage, Inc. is a leading national brokerage built for the challenges of today’s hyper-connected, fast-changing world of global business. Group medical stop-loss captives are complicated financial structures and, like anything, have pros and cons… While you can scale and own multiple captive locations, once you decide to retire or leave the business you may have a difficult time getting your money’s worth. After that, you’ll need to make regular royalty payments for the right to use the carrier’s name, logos, etc. Let's continue the conversation over on your social network of choice.

Privacy Policy — Website by Avelient. Where to Find Customers As a New Insurance Agent, check out the many benefits of joining an insurance network like Voldico.

Independent agents tend to make a higher income, but at a higher risk. One of the most difficult parts of launching an insurance agency is the startup stage. Captive agents are provided with financial support (or allowances) to help get their business off the ground—including funds for office space, employee benefits, and other overhead expenses.

If the parent company discontinues selling certain lines or increases the rates on specific types of insurance, it could result in the loss of clients. As an independent agent, your main goal is to grow your agency by building your book of business and offering a variety of options to your customers. One of the great things about launching your own business is the freedom and flexibility to make your own choices. Is a Group Medical Stop-Loss Captive Right for You. Contact me directly at Becoming a captive agency requires a lot of startup capital, sometimes more than if you launched your own independent agency. If your company primarily employs young, healthy people, you could be taking on more cost by joining a pool with a mostly older population. Parent companies often push certain policies over others and require agents meet strict sales quotas. Create an account today!Still have questions? Rather than having to research, create, and distribute your marketing campaigns, captive agencies offer ready-to-use marketing and ad resources that can be used to promote your agency. The pool comes into play through the stop-loss program, which is purchased through a stop-loss insurer and issued under separate policies to each captive member. The captive uses a reinsurance plan with the medical stop-loss insurer to fund the risk. Make sure you pay attention to the population you will be joining. Copyright © 2020 Voldico. It takes a lot of hard work to open a business, especially in a highly competitive market like insurance. Your main goal is to build business for the parent company, which can limit your agency’s resale value and target audience.

For the right company, we will recommend them. Typically, target companies for this option have between 50-200 employees. Some plans require employers to post collateral, which is an anomaly in the health insurance world. Do you go with a traditionally structured plan despite today’s escalating premiums? Opening up your own insurance business is an exciting but challenging venture. While some captive agents belong to affiliated groups of their parent company, the captive agent's priority is to develop business for the parent company. As a mid-size employer, choosing the right healthcare plan for your company can be a complicated decision that can affect the health of your business. Captives are a form of self-insurance established to meet the risk management needs of the owners or members. Published: February 2, 2017

Request a demo now, or contact us at (347) 202–1141 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm ET). Ready to get down to business? Captive agents are limited in the products they offer since they can only sell products the carrier provides.

Being a new agent in today’s competitive marketplace is not easy.

A “captive” is an insurance company created to insure the risks of its owner(s).

The captive uses a reinsurance plan with the medical stop-loss insurer to fund the risk. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of having a captive insurance agency.

They still have the flexibility in determining coverage, copays and deductibles, and they can choose their own provider networks and administrators. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of having a captive insurance agency. You’ll have to comply with all of the carrier’s rules and regulations. As a captive agent, there is a more reliable and stable source of income, paid out through the parent company directly. Independent agents generally make a higher percentage of commission than captive agents. It’s in the carrier’s best interest to see you succeed, so they’ll invest in training programs for your location to help show you the ropes.

Another drawback: group medical captives can be hard to exit and employers may face penalties for leaving early. To help you discover which direction is best for you, we investigated the pros and cons … A new trend making headlines is group medical stop-loss captives.

Agents develop a deep knowledge of all insurance products offered by their specific carrier. But there are plenty of things you should be aware of. Group … / Author: Voldico This could take a significant chunk out of your bottom line. In the world of insurance professionals, there are generally two kinds of agents: captive agents and non-captive, or independent agents. In some carriers, you might not be eligible for a salary. Rather, they contract with multiple insurance companies, selling diverse lines of insurance coverage on a non-exclusive basis. Whichever choice you make, be sure to weigh the pros and cons before jumping in. However, with a captive agency, you won’t have complete control over how the business operates.

Profits from sales are generally put back into the business for the first year—to help offset startup costs and lead generation.

Depending on the commission rates you still have the potential to make a significant income. In addition, the carrier will often help you with your branding efforts by providing you with signage or even interior design help for your office. However, you’ll also be bound by their rules and regulations. As one of the earliest brokers of group medical captives in the market, we’ve become well versed in the strengths and pitfalls of building captives over the past ten years. If you need help getting your agency off the ground, check out the many benefits of joining an insurance network like Voldico. If you’re starting from scratch, building name recognition can be a long, challenging process.

A Captive Insurance Agent is contracted to work exclusively with one specific insurance carrier. Being independent from all carriers allows you to evaluate different insurance policies objectively. Building or joining a group medical stop-loss captive might be a good option for you, but there are many less than reputable programs out there as well. Filed In: Tips for Agents. Employers might be expected to contribute an extra $50,000 up front in case claims don’t go according to the projected models. A cluster or network is essentially a master agency, with a group of retail agents beneath it (under one master code). Parent companies also provide agents with resources and guidance, including client and lead referrals, product training, marketing and advertising tools, and promotional campaigns. You pay your own expenses and administrative costs and use personal investments to start your business. Finally, hidden broker fees are often buried in these plans, so we always look at the fine print for our clients. As a new insurance agent, should you go the captive or independent route? Captives have historically been associated with large corporations due to the resources needed to form subsidiary insurance companies.

Pro: Simple startup plan One of the most difficult parts of launching an insurance agency is the startup stage.

You have the capacity to cross-sell into other lines of insurance, allowing you to offer many products with price comparisons and competitive quotes. An insurance network is a formal association of insurance agencies established to provide members with mutual support and group benefits. Employers that participate in a group captive function independently from the rest of the group in how they run their own benefits plan. The captive is only one aspect of coverage. An Independent Insurance Agent is not contracted to work with just one single insurance company. Finally, when making your decision, also assess joining an insurance cluster or network. With a captive agency, you’re always obligated to abide by the carrier’s rules and this includes how you can sell the business.

However, insurance is a high-competitive industry so there may be times when you struggle to make a paycheck. You have to build your book of business from scratch and may have trouble obtaining contracts or “appointments” with desirable carriers. The carrier often already knows what strategies will work in a given area or market which will save you time and money. But, if you’re launching a captive agency this part is often done for you which can save you a lot of time. There’s often an upfront fee that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

To help you discover which direction is best for you, we investigated the pros and cons of both agency business models, to help you determine which path makes the most sense. If you’re looking to start your own agency, you have two main options, start one from scratch or to open a location as part of a large branded broker, like Allstate, Statefarm, or Progressive.

In the world of insurance professionals, there are generally two kinds of agents: captive agents and non-captive, or independent agents. There are several drawbacks. There is a deductible for each member of the captive, and an aggregate attachment point for when the total spend of a group member’s claims reach a certain level. Group medical stop-loss captives are complicated financial structures and, like anything, have pros and cons.

The carriers with the largest number of captive insurance agents include State Farm, Allstate, Farmers Insurance Group, and American Family Insurance. Primarily commission-based, so a steady stream of income is not guaranteed. This is the stage where you have to form a business plan and do market research to see if your business can succeed in the area. For companies that are too small to self-insure, but want an alternative to rising premiums, group medical stop-loss captives allow many organizations to pool together and spread risk. Instead, your income will solely be commission-based.

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