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Failure to expand early on can severely cripple a player.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'ultraboardgames_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',113,'0','0'])); Often in games when no clumps of highly compatible resources are available, a good strategy is to acquire some of each resource. This is similar to the Cartel strategy. Depending on your group, you can make 3:1 trades if people are desperate, and even turn these down if you are ahead, and force them to make 4:1 bank trades. Another way this can be done is by having majority access to several hexes for a commodity for which you have a port. Through extensive research, we bring everything you need to know about board games. you need to have a “constant aura of manipulation” (Jen’s words, not mine). forward. This would probably work well in Seefahrers, where everyone needs wool for sails. There are 25 development cards in the Settlers of Catan game and 14 of these cards are soldiers. It seldom works. The other players can't keep the robber on all of them, and will probably just keep it on your prime hex.

At the basest level, you probably know not to show people your When playing with (or against) this strategy, you must keep in mind its greatest weakness is this lack of expansion potential. In the basic game this is not as much as a dilemma as you can get another two points with the largest army or by victory point cards; in games where you need more victory points this can be more problematic.


when you benefit more than you’re opponent.

It is usually attempted by trying to control all of the good hexes (usually just one) of a resource by yourself.
This will be much less of a problem to players who are concentrating on (many) settlements rather than on (fewer) cities. Now for some different strategies for Settlers of Catan. A wood/brick port is very useful in this strategy, as finding a way to get ore/grain will be important to build cities for the middle to end game.

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These are strategies to gain either exclusive control (monopoly) or shared control (cartel) of a particular resource, usually ore or brick as they have the fewest number of hexes in the basic game (three, versus four of all the others).
you’ll probably only win half the time against good players or 2/3 of the time

Basically, this strategy is about identifying the rarest resources, and making sure you have access to them. And honestly, if you’re taking these

game is more friendly than say, Chess: no amount of trickery can beat own alliances or trading arrangements.

Getting an ore or grain port is great for this strategy, as after you build four cities you won't have as much a need for these resources, and it can make the endgame a lot easier. settlement gets to pay for itself.

Winning Catan Strategies. This site is dedicated to promoting board games. While the basic strategy is to count up the A clever player may sacrifice a few points of production to get to the ore hexes, and when those numbers do come up, the player can use them for his or her own expansion or trade them for a substantial return on investment.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'ultraboardgames_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',129,'0','0'])); The drawback to this strategy is that overall production will likely be lower, so the player must carefully keep track of the market for the scarce and abundant resources, lest the benefits of the rare production become lost due to inflation - a risk that may be mitigated by clever placement of the robber and/or shrewd trading.

Don’t say

sort of side chatter like, “I’m always waiting for ore” or “I've got sheep for All rights reserved. Sheep and wheat are most typical of this kind of cartel, because they are not the commodities that people usually target during initial placement.

Follow us on: Similar to the game Pandemic, the Settlers of Catan is a world-building board game that is all about resource management.

strong on city materials but is dependent on an 11 for clay”, or “JFran is

for mutual gain (“You scratch my back…with clay, and I’ll scratch yours…with As pointed out by someone else later in this guide, make sure that you don't place your cities at an intersection with one good number and two bad numbers, or the robber can make your very expensive city worthless. Each strategy is more successful if no other player is doing that same method.

You’ll notice a number of rules mention

This can help in denying Ore/Grain players from acquiring enough building sites they need to win the game. I would also add it's important to trade early and often because people get in the habit of trading with you.

Note that this strategy may not work very well in higher victory point games, or those Seefahrers scenarios where extra victory points are awarded for getting to islands.

With your increased road building capability, you should build your roads to cut off other player's expansion. how much you are willing to pay attention.

Some say, “oh, you’ll need and sheep will be basically toilet paper. Clay is the most valuable in the early game, while ore is needed later

Nonsense. In addition, it might not work well in many Seefahrers scenarios, as people could just build to islands. A 3:1 port is probably essential, if you have a varied mix of resources.

Wait it out, get a port, and trade with the outside world. More Advanced Strategies If you’ve played a game or two of Catan, or even just read the rules, you probably already intuitively understood the concepts above. Settle Of Catan Advanced Strategy Guide: The Social Game, Part 2 (#6b) This is the second half of my Settler of Catan article. This could be taken to the extreme, for example a player who goes for ore and brick, because they are the two rarest, but is more commonly used along with another strategy. The other player will work just as hard to keep the robber away, but will only collect half as much.

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