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This is because we can all relate to them some part of our lives. They also had a lot of. I couldn’t stop after the first book and read all volumes. Be the first to know the recent IELTS Speaking TOPIC Sample Answers with Tips, Topic Vocabulary Words, & Collocations. Most of the time, I just put something on in the background while I’m using my laptop. Take a practice test to find out what is your current weakness in terms of IELTS scale and allow more time to improve your weak spots. Filmgoer (UK)/moviegoer: A person who goes to the cinema, especially on a regular basis.

But, as people say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Low-budget film [noun] – refer to motion pictures/movies that are not funded well from a major investor. 4. In the IELTS test, they might ask you to talk about movies and TV shows in the speaking section. Cliffhanger: A dramatic ending to an episode, when you really want to know what happens next. My friend gave me a hardcover book as a present for my birthday. It has to be comedy films. Often set in the past in a well-known time and usually depicts a famous historical character or event. : The words that an actor speaks when performing in a film or play. When I first met Sam I didn’t find him handsome. I believe all types of films could be worthwhile as long as they have good. Last week I saw a great action movie with my brother at our local movie theater. This post about IELTS SPEAKING TOPIC VOCABULARY FILM gives you an idea on how to express your thoughts better. The movie’s plot was threadbare, but cutely disarming in its own way. Overall, the “Game of Thrones” has something for everyone to enjoy, and people from all over the world can appreciate the series because its story is so interesting and unique. I felt like it went downhill during the last season, though. I would say that action films are also my favorite.

Generally, you want the series to resolve all of its plot threads, meaning that every storyline would have a logical ending.

Equip yourself with better expressions to be able to get your target score. I detest horror films because they give me the creeps. I relish films that are, .

However, the book involves many subordinate plots that raise questions about physical and spiritual affinity, trans-racial relationships and antisemitism.

if you can show the examiner that you are confident using this unique and interesting vocabulary, It was an inspirational score and the students began to enjoy their best spell.

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