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It’s easy to assume he is, however, and I can’t even imagine the shit tornado that would’ve ensued if social media had been around when Foo Fighters came out today. It will be in the shows and movies our kids watch and maybe even the ones their kids watch.

It was always going to be “Everlong” and likely always will be. “And then I wound up getting a divorce.” That incredible one-breath bridge (‘One last thing before I quit! Foo Fighters’ first single proper is also arguably the ultimate distillation of what they’re about. Does it help? The historians will note that “I’ll Stick Around” is about Grohl’s contentious business relationship with Cobain’s wife Courtney Love after his death. It’s from the band’s 2017 album Concrete And Gold—which had two solid singles in “Sky Is A Neighborhood” and “Run”—but neither of those can hold a candle to the 1970s rock radio magic that is “Make It Right.”. Although the Nirvana-related heat had been there since their inception, and the three preceding albums (each of which picked up K!’s respective album of the year award) were all-time greats, it was One By One which properly rocket-boosted the Foos’ final ascent to megastardom. “Everlong” is a popular song, but it is surprising that the ballad after it on The Colour and the Shape wasn’t the huge hit. It’s almost mischievous. We reached that point with these rankings a few entries ago, which is how a classic like “Learn to Fly” finds itself at 15.

Well, it’s a fun song and a great Foo Fighters song but I just think they have 23 better ones. Look, it’s a great song. Off an album about the end of a relationship, “Walking After You” was the record’s definitive, bittersweet ode to a love that just won’t die, even if the other party has already walked away. “My Hero” just makes me want to watch Varsity Blues. Yup, and it’s not the only one.

Horribly overplayed on movie soundtracks and rock radio, “My Hero” might have lost some of its sharpness through its ubiquity in pop culture. Whoa!

It’s one of those wild, kick-open-the-doors-of-the-saloon-like-cowboys-used-to-do Foo Fighters’ songs. Shit man, it’s on already being played on classic rock radio stations right now! What a nightmare. “Wheels” is where it is because despite it being a great rock song, the Foo Fighters somehow have six that are better—starting with “This Is a Call.”. ‘Do I stay or run away / And leave it all behind?’ Dave asks as the guitars cascade, intertwine and drift off with a sense of psychedelic possibility that’s matched by the kaleidoscopic music video. It’s kind of like they’re gaining people’s trust by coming in all quiet and unassuming as if to say, “Don’t worry, we’re pretty lowkey and definitely not liable to cause any trouble.

Lead single Best Of You was initially lost in the inspirational shuffle, but on the insistence of their manager, the track was dug up, rounded out and went on to become a worldwide hit, even covered by Prince during his Super Bowl XLI halftime show.

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