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I was actually surprised the shapes held up so well too. She’s going rogue on us. Okay, maybe it’s just that this happens to be a really easy recipe and it fit into our schedule, but rebellious just sounds more fun.


Wish us luck as this one is way out of the comfort zone and we’ll be back early next week to share the results.

Fry boortsog in small batches until golden brown. They remind me of a Hungarian deep fried dough my Mom used to make called, Csoroge Fánk. Others that don’t have the access to the things we do, and where the recipes have been passed from generation to generation have different expectations.

And basically, I love anything fried (no matter from what country), so this scored a big YES .

102 spoons, eh? I wasn’t really sure how I felt about them with my initial taste, but the more bites I took, the more it grew on me. Thanks! We think of cookies as sweet, and sometimes over the top sweet.

It sounds like fun for the kids, though, and I’m excited to see what other Mongolian food is to come! Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte + Travel Update, Contemplation, Champagne, and Rice Krispies Treats. I’ll have to make these but shape them into a flat circle and spread them with preserves! Little lies!

I’d tell you all about it….but then I’d have to terminate you…and I don’t have time for that.

The dinosaurs were my favorite. As they say, “Writers write! Potato chips – I’m all over them!

They look great and with the shapes my grandkids would love them. It’s totally up to you, of course.

. I think I’m going to enjoy Mongolian cooking though I don’t know where you’re going to locate yak’s milk.

I don’t think they’re very healthy, but so few cookies really are, I think they would be fine! (Ask Mr N if he knows the capital of Mongolia!). Boortsog – deep-fried cookies!

Charlie, Hi Charlie!

Deep fried cookies!!
Next it’s time to shape the cookies. These look like so much fun!

Couve a Mineira Recipe type: Side   Couve a Mineira is a Brazilian food recipe of shredded and sautéed greens. ( Log Out / 

After all, the recipe stated, “The kneading process is vital for boortsog and may require the strength and energy of a male or strong woman because the dough must be kneaded until absolutely no air remains in it.”. I was thinking dunking in Nutella just when you said raspberry preserves! Ours took about five minutes. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for yak’s milk. As far as flour-laden cookies go though, these were better than others we’ve tried. Plus it’s a great geography and culture lesson for them (heck, and me!).

. Mr. N and Miss A were about jumping out of their skin to try one of these. These cookies for example. Hi Kristy! Since we didn’t plan of handing out free ratios of Mongolian Cookies on the street, we trimmed it down to 4 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 2/3 water and had a disagreement on the butter content.

Most asian foods are tasty specially those fermented foods.

The recipe is a simple one.

There is also a similar pastry in Italy and France. We laugh about Mr. N’s choice every time because Mike is dying to pick Thailand, but we don’t want to pick two countries from the same continent to follow each other, and Mike always picks after Mr. N. So this time, Mike has asked Mr. N if next pick they can make a deal. Play-doh is always a favorite isn’t it? She absolutely loved the boortsog, which we tried on their own first.

You’re right! -Khachapuri: Yummy but needs help.

Am I blind??? I think a version with the letter B is in order Cookie. I think that’s one of my favorite things about this blog – we’ve learned to open ourselves up to so many new flavors and cuisines. A successful nearly edible yet failed dish. I think these are a lot healthier, than a ton of sugar. Sure.

Love how it sits on the plate.
This recipe looks interesting!

I mentioned yours along with others making it very clear that I want you to have the recognition, but don’t have an expectation of additional follow-through. Torture. Then again, deep-fried dough in the shape of dragonflies & dinosaurs AND served with preserves? When the oil reaches 350F, turn the heat from medium to low and begin to fry the cookies in batches.

Fried cookies? Once the cookies are cut, it’s time to heat the oil. THIS IS NOT MY RECIPECookie from MongoliaRecipe from International CuisineIngredients2 cups flour1/4 cup butter1/2 cup warm water1/2 cup sugar1 pinch salt Frying oilStepsPut your sugar and salt into the warm water until they are both dissolvedIn a bowl, mix together your flour, water mixture, and butterKnead your dough until your dough is tough and denseLet your dough rest for about I should say my hubby did all most of the kneading. I did notice quite a few pinches of dough go missing.

I bet they tasted awesome with those raspberry preserves. There you have it. Sad to hear they were a little bland at first but it sounds like the preserves were just the ticket.

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