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Ultramicroscopy (2011). Synchrotron soft X-ray and field-emission electron sources: a comparison. Physics PhD. Molecular movies for membrane proteins. In-vivo crystallization opens new routes to structural biology. McGill University BioPhysics seminar (Oct 2010). Nature methods (2012). SEM imaging of liquid jets. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society (Foreign Member), a Correponding (Foreign) Member of the Australian Academy of Science, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, of the National Academy of Inventors,  the American Physical Society, the Microscopy Society of American, of the Royal Microscopy Society, of the Institute of Physics (UK), and an Overseas fellow of Churchill College Cambridge, UK. Acta Cryst A (2003). Graduated PhD 2011. J. Spence. Amish Shah, Postdoctoral Research Associate from late 2010 to 2011. New J Phys (2010). Paris Unesco Headquarters. Convergent-Beam Low Energy Electron Diffraction (CBLEED) and the Measurement of Surface Dipole Layers. Modeling core-hole effects on electron energy loss spectroscopy of TeO2. Reports on Progress in Physics (2000-2006), Main Editor IUCRJ  Open Access Journal on XFEL Science (from 2013), Editorial Boards: Reports on Progress in Physics (2001-2005); Ultramicroscopy; J. Colloquium (Mar 2009). Holography of Atoms. Serial Crystallography for the Energy Recycling Linac at Cornell. DOE Workshop on fast electron imaging and scattering (Feb 2014). N. Jiang and J.C.H.Spence. Proc MSA (2000). John Spence, N Jiang, B Jiang, B Yu, S Li, S Jin. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2001). Rel Phenom (2006). Weierstall, U, Spence, John, Doak, R, Starodub, D. Protein-doped droplet beams for laser-aligned serial crystallography. Kinematic and dynamical CBED for solving thin organic films at low temperature; experimental tests with anthracene. John Spence, M Stevens. at Northwestern. Nature 02, . Appl Phys Letts (2005). Several Presentations. Centenary of X-ray crystallography (Jan 2015). Tempe, Arizona 85287 Inversion schemes for multiple scattering. Towards EFTEM serial crystallography: electron diffraction from liquid jets. Solving proteins without crystals. Pump-probe electron gas diffraction - reconstruction of one molecules from many using angular correlations. N. Jiang, D. Su, J.C.H.Spence. J. Spence. 34. Ultramicroscopy (2000). Ultramic (2002). Micros (Sep 2006). John Spence. J. Appl. X-ray laser data analysis in structure analysis of proteins. Letts (2009). Three-yearly meeting (Aug 2005). Phasing of coherent femtosecond X-ray diffraction from size-varying nanocrystals. J. Spence. bioXFEL talk. Femtosecond protein nanocrystallography at LCLS. John Spence. Rev. Spence, John. He currently teaches condensed matter physics to graduate students. X-ray lasers, biology and diffraction physics. Nature 470, 73-77. X-ray lasers for structural biology. Graduated, PhD 2009. Colloqium (Nov 2010). New information on proteins using an X-ray laser. J. Spence. Application of the SIR2002 algorithm to the non-crystallographic phase problem. Inter-departmental colloqium, Goetingen (Mar 2012). X-ray diffraction from protein nanocrystals. Optics Express (2003). 27. Six surprises for Willie: Diffraction physics since 1971. John Spence. J. Tafto, Postdoctoral Research Associate (left 1982). Soc. ASU Winter School on Electron Microscopy (Jan 2008). J.C.H. Graduated  PhD 2011. J. Spence. J. Spence. Modelling of HREM and nanodiffraction for dislocation kinks and core reconstruction. 7. Am (2005). Microscopic Linear Liquid Streams in Vacuum: Injection of Solvated Biological Samples into X-Ray Free Electron Lasers. Rudolf Koopmann, Karolina Cupelli Lars Redecke, Karol Nass, Daniel DePonte, Thomas A. Workshop on Lensless Imaging. Coherent x-ray diffraction imaging at the Advanced Light Source. Professor John C.H. Shah4, Shibom Basu7, Raimund Fromme7, Christopher Kupitz7, Kimberley Rendek7, Ingo Grotjohann7, Petra Fromme7, Richard Kirian2,3, Kenneth Beyerlein2, Thomas A. White2, Henry N. Chapman2,8,9, Martin Caffrey4, John C.H. Y.M. Have orbitals really been observed?. John Spence, V Tsirelson, A Avilov, G Lepeshov, A Kulyagin, J Stahn, U Pietsch. "Motion of laser-aligned hydrated proteins in a beam"  D. Starodub et al. Member, US National Committee for Crystallography (USNCCr) of NAS (2000-2002), Member, Scripps Institute NRAM Advisory Committee (2004), Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Advanced Light Source. R. Graham, Postdoctoral Research Associate (left 1986). Protein-beam diffraction. A new thin-film phase of pentacene. Protein Structure Determination by Use of Serial Diffraction and Microscopic Droplet Beams. Achieving Atomic Resolution. He received the Distinguished Scientist award of the Microscopy Society of America for 2006, the Buerger Award of the American Crystallographic Society in 2012, the J.M. J Sun, B Jaing, John Spence. Mount Holyoak, Vice-Chair (2001 - 2001), Gordon Conference on Charge densities and Bonding, Mount Holyoak, Vice-Chair (2001 - 2001), North America "Acta Crystallographica A" (Diffraction Physics), Co-Editor (1990 - 2000), 1973-1975                           Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Oxford University, UK, 1976-1981                           Assistant Professor, Arizona State University (ASU), 1981-1985                           Associate Professor, ASU, 1981 (Summer)                    Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Oxford University, UK, 1983-1984                           Sabbatical, Oxford University, UK, 1988  (May 18-July 18)          Lyle Fellow, Melbourne University Visiting Fellowship, 1985-1996                            Professor, ASU, 1996-current                         Regents Professor, ASU, 1991                                    Sabbatical.Trondheim, Norway; Max Plank Institute, Stuttgart, Germany                                                          Affiliate Professor, University of Trondheim, Norway. Diffraction physics in biology and materails science. X-ray lases for crystallography. John is Director of Science for the NSF BioXFEL Science and Technology Center on the application of X-Ray Free-electron lasers to structural biology. J. Spence. Radiation damage from femtosecond X-ray pulses. Precipitation of Ge nanoparticles from GeO2 glasses in the transmission electron microscope. J. Nucl. Cornell Conference honoring the lifetime acheivements of Prof J. Silcox (Jul 2006). Phys. Letts (2001). A (2004). John teaches a graduate class in condensed matter physics. Ultrafast, ultrabright, X-ray holography using a uniformly redundant array. 2006 APS Four Corners Section Meeting (Oct 2006). N. Jiang. International Union of Crystallography. Daniel James, Graduate Student from Jan 2011 - PhD 4-2015. with Uwe Weierstall. Acta Mat (2010). J.Spence. Book "LIghtspeed : the ghostly Aether and the race to measure the speed of light" J.C.H.Spence. . John Spence. Science (2013). Ketterson. Haiguang Liu, Postdoctoral Research Associate from 2011 - 2014. He has served on Scientific Advisory Committees at LBNL and was a member of the DOE BESAC Committee for a decade. Comment on "Extended energy loss fine structure simulation of the local boron environment in aluminosilicate glasses containing gadolinium. Ordering energies and occupancies in doped TiAl, and dedicated Alchemi instrumentation. (LDRD). Review of: The battery. 4. Beyond small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS): Exploiting angular correlations. Spence, Physical Review Letters  125, 065502 (2020). University College London, Colloqium, Physics (May 2012). The quantum molecular dynamics approach to atomic processes in fracture - predicting fracture toughness. B.S. John C. H.  Spence completed a PhD in Physics at Melbourne University in 1972,  followed by a postdoc at Oxford UK. Optics Letters (2004). J.C.H Spence. 21. J. Opt. 2. Cryst (2009). Dislocations in MgB2. New approaches to the imaging of surface potentials. Oct. -current                Director of Science, NSF BioXFEL Science and Technology Center, 2014                                     Richard Snell Professor of Physics. John Spence, U Weierstall, K Downing, R Glaeser. Doak,, J.C.H Spence, P. Fromme. Optics Express (2013). Colloquium, Department of Physics, Colorado School of Mines, Doak, R, Weierstall, Uwe, Deponte, Daniel, Starodub, Dmitri, Hunter, Mark, Kennedy, Pallas, Warner, Jared, Schmidt, Kevin, Fromme, Petra, Spence, John. IUCrJ  4, 322-339 (2017). "Inversion of many-beam Bragg Intensities for phasing by iterated projections: removal of multiple scattering artifacts from diffraction data". Phys Rev (2005). J. Spence. J. Spence. N Jiang, B Jiang, John Spence, S Lee, S Tajima. White, Jakob Andreasson, David Arnlund, Sa!a Bajt, Thomas R. M. Barends, Miriam Barthelmess, Michael J. Bogan, Christoph Bostedt, Hervé Bottin, John D. Bozek, Carl Caleman, Nicola Coppola, Jan Davidsson, Daniel P. DePonte, Veit Elser, Sascha W. Epp, Benjamin Erk, Holger Fleckenstein, Lutz Foucar, Matthias Frank,Raimund Fromme, Heinz Graafsma, Ingo Grotjohann, Lars Gumprecht, Janos Hajdu, Christina Y. Hampton, Andreas Hartmann, Robert Hartmann, Stefan Hau-Riege, Günter Hauser, Helmut Hirsemann, Peter Holl, James M. Holton, André Hömke, Linda Johansson, Nils Kimmel, Stephan Kassemeyer, Faton Krasniqi, Kai-Uwe Kühnel, Mengning Liang, Lukas Lomb, Erik Malmerberg, Stefano Marchesini, Andrew V. Martin, Filipe R.N.C. Femtosecond crystallography. Now Millwaukee Physics. Diamond X-ray imaging workshop for new UK synchrotron (Mar 2004). Dr. Nan Jiang, Academic Professional from 2000. A method of combining STEM image with parallel beam diffraction and electron-optical conditions for diffractive imaging. Poster and Chair of conference (Jul 2004). Serial crystallography at the ALS. 17. Union of Crystallography Commission on Electron Diffraction (2002-2005). NSF STC. Imaging dynamics with XFELs. Gordon Research Conference on Water and Aqueous Solutions (Jul 2008). Faculty position, South Korea. Now Professor, Oslo Physics. Lawrence Bragg, microdiffraction and X-ray lasers". Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK (May 2012). N Jiang, John Spence. DePonte†, G. Nelson*, F. Camacho-Alanis*, A. Ros*, J.C.H. Spence12, Petra Fromme13, Ilme Schlichting9,15, Michael Duszenko10, Christian Betzel16*, and Henry N. Chapman. Femtosecond protein nanocrystallography at LCLS. D. Su, N. Jiang, J.C.H.Spence. Spence, John. John Spence, U Weierstall, M Howells. Now staff scientist at BNL. PhD Students (32) and Postdoctoral Fellows (24) in Physics.

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