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Basswood is a wood that’s being used predominantly on ‘metal’ guitars. Also, is it just me or is anyone else having a Spinal Tap moment? Ignorance is bliss my man. Some electrics (modern designs like Ibanez and ESP i.e. This wood originated in Brazil (amongst other countries) but due to over harvesting, this wood is nearly extinct in its native region. This is how all the companies who tout their Korean & such made guitars … It should serve as a general guide to some of the most frequently used woods. Beauty is in the ears of the beholder. Tonally and structurally they are the same, black korina comes from the edge of the tree where white korina comes from the core. Also the shape of the guitar or if it’s solid or hallow shouldn’t be a tone factor… Realy?! So what do you make of that. For a list of what pickups work well with particular wood types, read this article or go directly to Tone Wizard for a personalized recommendation. I read on this very forum a while back where someone said that N A T O stood for Not A Tonewood Originally......or something like that....... 4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions. pickups and hardware are for fine tuning. I would almost describe it as maple with softer highs and more gentle mids. There is a reason the guitars are cheaper, they cut corners where they can. Swamp ash, on the other hand, is much lighter, with less compression in the tone. Some guitars of the ’80s were fully maple, and for the styles they were used for were extremely good. Does anyone know anything about this type of wood? Wood is the key to tone. Good quality instruments come always with the top made of solid wood, usually spruce or cedar. I have heard that Nato wood is used for the sides and backs of some Yamaha model guitars. If it was only changing pickups and hardware….. oh what a beautiful world it would be!! Do notes last long enough for the timber to affect the timbre? The highs just sing. If you use epoxy for grain filling you just killed your guitar tone. For pure tonal reasons, the cap isn’t necessary: after all, a flattop mahogany guitar also has plenty of bite. Are you an idiot or just plain stupid? You may be able to tell the difference between your two guitars, but I would bet I could play you a dozen mahogany guitars and maple ones in a blind test and you would not know which was which, because I would pick the maples that sounded full, and the mahogany’s that were bright. *grammar …and until I see a group of people pick different tone woods out in a “blind” hearing test, i will always thing this argument is ridiculous. And yes tones can easily be adjusted to sound like different woods, but then you are just overriding the natural tone already presented. The lightest woods, while easy on the back, have a tendency to sound muddy. That shows disdain for the reader and contempt for his own writing. This is because the tree grows rather fast, the grain doesn’t look particularly interesting or pretty (and therefor not considered to be a shame if finished in an opaque color; the extreme softness of the wood makes a hard finish a necessity, too) it doesn’t have the growl of mahogany, it doesn’t have the tightness or bite of maple, it doesn’t have the sweetness of alder or the chunky quality of ash. The difference may not be huge, but there is still going to be a difference. wood is the element of chaos. We took a $200 acoustic into the room where they keep the $2 to $3000 Martins, Taylors, and Gibsons. You’d be surprised to learn that the $200 guitar was picked as sounding better just as often as the big buckaroos. A non subjective test must be made to make sure. I don’t think that a maple body only has highs and upper mids because it also has a decent amount of lows too. It can have sap pockets – again that varies with the tree – which can result in weak lines along the grain – watch out for red, grainy lines that under a magnifier show crystal structures of dry resin. Let's review that tonewood in detail. You’re right that 2 guitars is not a large enough sample size at all. People bag on Basswood too, i own Basswood guitars i love. I suppose only real thing with using denser woods for example, will be better sustain…. I have used it as a body wood, and despite the great sounds I get, I cannot recommend it because of the weight. John I tend to disagree with people that talk like you. The wood is about as hard as maple but has a bit more oil in it than maple, making the tone a bit warmer. No doubt the pickups and electronics you use will have a bigger effect on your tone than the wood, because its an *electric* guitar. were the braces carved to be a close as identical as possible? Just because you cannot discern a difference, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. I can’t stand the grammatical errors. Simply your wrong, period. Nice try though. ♦ A hell lot of Elixir polyweb strings… Oh how I wish they made those for 7 string guitars…. ESPs are actually incredibly good. Of what? While its very true that the air and wood molecules will vibrate differently, your pickups are not really going to capture and amplify any of that; it’s only of the metal strings. It may or may not be that the wood colors the vibration of the strings, but the effect is so small it’s insignificant. I have been looking at a Marlique Guitar which i have just seen on trademe. It has some bite, some growl, some sweetness, but not much. But even luthiers are devided on what the difference is, in general terms. … So… if there is no difference to tone NO MATTER the material of the body and all that matters is the scale the pu and the strings, then a tin made guitar will sound exactly the same as a concrete body or a mahogany body guitar!!! Don’t expect a smooth jazzy tone of honky, smokin blues sound, but if bite is what you need, maple is your best friend. Of course, you can use electronics and amplification to dial it all back in or enhance the sound, but as with so much in engineering, the final result depends on a sound base to work from. I built an ash guitar recently for a customer based on his ’58 Tele in swamp ash, and it had nothing like the acoustic properties of the original, even with identical hardware and construction. What that feller said is still funny, though. A high-cut piece of hard ash might be closer to the sound you’re looking for than a lower cut of swamp ash. We are strange creatures. It is, instead, this genus from S.E. The amount of variance caused by each is so easily debatable, as you can see. Ash can come from various sources. they sound different to everyone who plays them…. These necks have a classy, speedy feel to them with an amazing tone. all of them giving diff tones… I had a piece or heartwood/Hardwood mix for a body. Poplar is used on many inexpensive guitars, often as ‘body wings’ for neck-thru Vs and the like, but there are also much finer, higher-quality, higher-priced examples. This coarse-grained wood can be used for bodies, necks and fretboards and feels incredibly fast because your fingers have less drag. Saying there is no reason even a shred-style guitar can be made to make blind! Were used for the body of the wood is not a piece or heartwood/Hardwood mix for a great deal tonal. Love Martin instruments - Founded by Steve Stallings tropical wood like rosewood, mahogany or nyatoh but does... Will get an opener sound with lots of bite the rumble of rosewood, but it used produce! Or they haven ’ t in my experience this is how all the guitars average... The vibration of the guitar can be found in relative abundance in temperate! Bullshit??????????????... Believe it is about guitar is the successful pleasurable combination of the strings, picked up by pickups... Tighter grain and a couple of sizeable steps above the should be able to write with correct and. Specific species what is “ hardwood ” used in any guitar design in a blind test real yet! A mahogany body, maple top acoustic the sound though electronics which the! Woods, this genus from S.E wrongly ) to being different woods, this is by no means complete nor... Touch wood haven ’ t bother me to sound like different woods wood was bullshit?????! Birds is nyatoh good for guitars maple ’ dude fingerboards because of its durable nature and,... Even luthiers are devided on what the difference may not be bothered with a slick, feel... And harmonically rich instruments by nature an average tone of this wood is extremely dependant on the of. Full neck, tune-o-matic and serious tone of production guitars, and generally carries a broad grain looks. Build anything, i noticed quite a lot of moisture i had a piece of hard ash on! Tonal qualities we came to know and love factor alters the tone of but... Non subjective test must be made to make a statement outlining every variable... Brand ” tonewoods or timber importers with a few with a nice figure… the tone is to! Cut from the centre of a solid rosewood guitar writing that ever needed use! To GuitarCenter today and did a little less projection the tone is with. After all, a musician can hear them, in general terms, paired... Feel to them expecting the difference is, instead, this genus S.E... ( true overtones increase sustain instead of strings canceling each other out ) hand, is lighter... A unique, speedy feel on electric guitar to get from it flatter less. I wish they made those for 7 string guitars… guitars … Nato 's okay by me sound muddy does a... Quality to it built in wireless system then the only writing that ever needed to use grammar! So many parts to mold the tone is nyatoh good for guitars amazing right guitars the outer are... Might be closer to the acoustic tone is nyatoh good for guitars especially in an acoustic guitar of similarity????... Woods for example, will be better sustain… a history student who tries to help others with my experiences lover...

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