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memories of the alhambra episodes

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Stay tuned for Memories of Alhambra: Sic Edition. My abilities go only so far as playing Candy crush Saga. Through his earpiece, he talks to his colleague Yang-joo, who’s blown away by this augmented reality (AR) game. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Upon reaching a new tier in the game, our hero receives a mandate to find the game’s creator, the thus far missing Se-joo. @growingbeautifully pffhahahahahaha the snarking might be default at this point. Wow that was awesome.❤️ Anyway i’m with you till the end on the Dark Side but hopefully you have caramel popcorn. After the surprising news Yoo Jin woo got, he found himself back in granada asking Jung Hee joo for help. They’re met by an unexpected guest — Soo-jin, who’s been invited by her father-in-law. Obviously genius programmers are not restricted by funds or technology ;), Chanyeol only created that game. So has the game's AI learned from the people who play it? Those in which you can roll on the ground all night and still remain spotless clean! I’m convinced that 90% of this is true, but I’m mentally preparing myself for this hypothetical to be flipped on its head. ;-), In thread 5, @alex8825 AlexDanno, @ursulax UrsulaX, and @unmyeong2025 Yashashree Jadhav make some excellent points about what is going on with the game. All he'd need is someone to plug the quest into the game, like a mod or something. Our hero is almost at the end of his journey, his strength, and his sanity, but he’s not finished setting things right. Really look forward to and also nervous about what is going to happen. But I’m getting a SIGNAL vibe that maybe Hyung-seok is still alive. Jan 19, 2019. But I don’t exactly fully love it either. It seems like someone has wiretapped one of their phones and monitors the conversation. Which possibly did happen or did not. But here they're both rock!!! It's possibly why Se-joo didn't want to give the program to Cha who's "evil". I'm grateful for that. Now I am curious to know who’s the actual father of Jin-woo’s ex wife’s baby. If you've ever lived very high up you know clogged toilets are rare. Jin-woo thought back to Professor Cha slapping Hyung-seok at their separation and how Hyung-seok would cry in loneliness when they had drinks together. I could also defend Hee Ju’s tears and actions. Which episode? bummer - I really was hoping she is someone with the game knowledge. Ahhhhhh! And she seemed to know some secrets?) My question is are these special contact lenses already widely available on the market for programers like Se-joo to develop his game using this technology? He’s risked everything in the attempt to save someone he’s never even met, and he’s suffered significant losses in the process. Just kill me already why don't you. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. // Load the SDK asynchronously I never perceived Junghoon to be vulnerable, assuming he'd be protected by plot armor. Of course, we don’t know if that hypothetical is true, but it looked highly possible with what we know about the game thus far. Jinwoo's trajectory in engaging with the game--starting with his child-like wonder, progressing to denial, and ultimately landing squarely somewhere in horror territory--has been constructed with a sensitivity that is not often seen in this genre, and I think that's what makes Jinwoo such a compelling protagonist. Dunno what that is either. And the thing is....they could have easily shown him arriving at 2:15 am instead...would that have retracted from the rest of the night's story much? In this hypothetical, Se-joo kills Marco in the game and searches Marco’s dead body for Jin-woo’s contact information. Then, he suggested that Jin-woo and Soo-jin get back together, since the source of their calamity (Hyung-seok) is now gone. Our catalogue is created as an entertainment informational platform. Ahem. i watched the first 2 episodes and it gave me major W vibes, in a good way. Director Park told him to make time for lunch with Professor Cha, but Jin-woo wanted to push to after his trip. I find Hyung-Seok interesting, too. Jin-woo walks in just as she says this, and Hee-joo falls silent. His level 1 battle seems repetitive and predictable until he switches up the fighting ground and stands by a car. Hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Episodes: 16. Papa Cha seems to be a full-blown psycho who is gaslighting Jin-woo in the game, and possibly in real life. This could go so many interesting ways. After Jung-hoon successfully clears the dusty toilet water, he tries to charge his phone into the outlet in his room, but of course, it’s blocked. I did enjoy the frank romance in Nine though, but the mushy romance is just no. Jin-woo exits the hostel and walks through the night as he narrates, “Most people come to Granada for Alhambra Palace, but I’ve come to see something else — something more mystical than the Alhambra.” He reaches a fountain in the middle of a plaza and notices buildings on a faraway hill burst into flames. I truly hope that Secretary Seo is not actually dead. I'm still not sure what the show is trying to do with the game scenario, since the game world is underdeveloped and this show has not been particularly philosophical. Not only did he attack Jin-woo, but in the process forcefully shoved Hee-joo out of the way, grabbed a guitar, that he knew damn well took a long time to make, and then planned to hit Jin-woo with it, and then has the audacity to behave like he genuinely cares for Hee-ju. In which case the thing with Soo-Jin was an insult to both her AND Jin-Woo, since Jin-Woo had a face like a slapped butt too. Hee-joo tells him to come inside without a fuss and asks him about Se-joo. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; This new version of her has useful skills, perhaps even fighting skills and actively helps in finding SJ. Although, it surprises me that he is still in Grenada. You take a technology in its beginning years and project a future based on where you think that technology can potentially take you. Memories of the Alhambra Episode 14. Sujin hands were trembling but Jin woo had this expression that was : fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); You don't want this in the wrong hands. Your comment reminded me of one of the Naruto games in which his mom comes out with a frying pan. He shoots the first one down but runs out of bullets to fend off other attacks. He sounded so much like spiderman with his 'Save me!' A shout out to how cool it was that as the train moves away and he sees on AR view that he lost his ally. I went from giggling at Jin Woo cheekily asking if he should get a ring to my heart screaming nooooo at the idea that Secretary Seo is dead.... Because who the fork wants to live in a place they've associated with night terrors? I think that Hee-joo, Min-joo, and even Grandma could excel in an AR game. the time limit is very suspicious tho.. if you desperately want someone to save you would you put an expiration date on it? He tries to run away and shoot at a further distance, but the gun can’t reach that far. I love MoA for the fresh idea of AR and the beauty of old cobblestone streets/buildings around Albayzen which left a nostalgic feeling to anyone who has been there. That's 11:45 pm - he then has to get to the airport, fly to Grenada and make it to the Hostel Bonita''s front door all by 1:15 am? js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; He might have had a better chance of fighting back had he done that. For her crying, did you even pay attention to her backstory? I look forward to tomorrow's comments! I really like the premise of this drama, but I don't like how cliche the leads characters are written, especially Park Shin Hye, I'm so over with this notion that female lead need to be dimwitted to have good heart. So there's a bit of magic involved. And how they got their hands on something like the contact lenses to test it, because that is expensive tech. This drama continues to be so compelling - oh my goodness... that whole ending scene with the train reminded me of how scary and suspenseful those hospital scenes were and I was biting my lip. I hope we get to see Granny with a ladle that shoots lasers while Min-joo gyrates Jin-woo’s opponents into catatonia, if not Catalonia. Jin woo's expression whenever he looks at SJ is also complex. Jin-woo asks if she still thinks that he’s insane, and she nods. ...though I just remembered some spoilers I (inadvertently -.-) saw before, that are making me question a few things... We just have to keep watching, I guess ^^, I def think when he was shot in the train it was AR. I just enjoy some wallkthrough on Youtube. (Yes, in Love O2O she was an excellent gamer, but rather than becoming a genius team member in her boyfriend's company... she was essentially a secretary ordering food and beds for the boys to sleep on. How does Ji-Won mentally survive this game, or the consumer? Please enter your username or email address. Unlike Jin Woo who fought without fear, Se Ju was actually frightened when he ran for his life. The writing is not without its faults, but combined with the thoughtful directing, there's sort of a synergy imbued in each scene. But yeah, I feel sorry for that bar/restaurant! I'm just hoping if the writer can magically kill people, then she can magically bring them back to life too, no? And then I could rant again about the poor character writing in literally everyone except for Jinwoo. . Bonita Hostel owner JUNG HEE-JOO (Park Shin-hye) wakes up to the doorbell ringing. It's so ridiculous to think that he wants to protect her but he doesn't even mind forcefully shoving her out of the way just to express his anger. Take elements of gaming and project it to a futuristic platform. I am still filled with rage thinking what happened to him there. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; I can see it now: Universal Studios, worldwide. Such a good loyal friend to Jin Woo! After the lunch, Jin-woo received a call from Soo-jin, warning him about her father-in-law. Hyung-Seok's loneliness did seem a little more than just having a crappy dad, and his crying was painful to watch. Does that mean it was probably filmed in Barcelona? Because she's a tour guide, I was wondering maybe she's the one who provided all the knowledge about Granada. I like how you think. Makes me think about whether an AI gone rogue caused the craziness in this game. Wow I think that is a really great theory. But this time, Jin-woo expertly uses his cane to beat Sang-bum down and crash a guitar aside to disarm him. , RE: didn’t not recognize Chan Yeol. p/s: I can't watch Encounter/Boyfriend because of PBG, i don't like him since Reply 1988, i know it's just some drama @ acting whatsoever, but what can't i do. The game as an entity is trying to prevent Jinwoo to compete his quest given from Looking forward to reading more of your thought-provoking theories. I saw the preview and it's telling me otherwise. This story is about Jin-woo and everyone around him serves as a purpose for his character development or as a detriment to his plans. It’s like they’re reading my mind. friends, he needs all he can get. Watch online this interesting series about a man who created a whole AR world and inhabited it with hints and interesting digital playsets that eventually become problems for our heroes. In Granny game universe, Grannies can level up by guessing the right ingredients to each pot of stew and then gain more points by ladle hitting greedy kids who try to steal their food. They'd be trying to gather sniffer dogs and put up banners in the sky. I’m not sure how exciting this show was for those who’ve been immersed in the world of VR and AR for a while, but for me, this was quite an exciting watch. Jin-woo follows the virtual reality navigation to his destination: the bathroom of a bustling restaurant. If not, he might really stay away from dramas for good. That is a very interesting idea that there is a pre-existing AI system that Se Joo and Marco happened upon (or were given sponsorship) and they used it to develop the game. but then she could not have been introduced prior to Hyun-Bin playing the game right? Plus the Asian art of storytelling first introduces characters, 2nd, develops (gives more background or sympathy) to the characters, then introduces whatever. Not sure what is hers. , You're welcome It was difficult to focus in the story since I knew the locations were not what they were supposed to be, so I was surprised, haha!

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