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Due to disrepair over the centuries, only Zhendong gate still remains today.

Монгол улс нь далайд гарцгүй бөгөөд Бурханы шашин дийлэнх хүн амын шүтлэг юм.

1234 онд Өгэдэй хаан залгамжилж, хожим нь 1279 онд Чингис хааны ач Хубилай хаан Юань улсыг Хятадад төвлөн байгуулсан байна.

Wikipedia, Autonomous Tusi chiefdom ruled Lesser Jinchuan during Qing dynasty. Wikipedia, State established in 756 by the Tang Dynasty general An Lushan, after he rebelled against the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang in 755. The chiefdom located at the convergence of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet.

All four sides of Shanhaiguan had a gate: Zhendong (East), Ying'en (West), Wangyang (South), and Weiyuan (North). Wikipedia, The last in a succession of five dynasties that controlled most of northern China during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, which lasted from 907 to 960 and bridged the gap between the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty.

Нутгийн дийлэнх нь тал, хээрбөгөөд хойд болон баруун талаар Алтай, Хангай, Хэнтий нурууд, бусад салбар уулс сунан тогтсон, өмнөд хэсэгт говь зонхилно. For other uses, see Qing (disambiguation). Shun Dynasty (zh-stp|s=顺朝|t=順朝|p=Shùn cháo) was an imperial dynasty created in the brief lapse from Ming to Qing rule in . The Zhou dynasty lasted longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history (790 years). Shin Sangokumusō) ist ein Videospiel aus dem Hause Koei. After the fall of the Ming dynasty in 1644 and the routing of the Shun army in the Battle of Shanhai Pass merely a day later, the Manchus successfully entered the Shanhai Pass to establish the Qing dynasty in China proper, with the capital relocated to Beijing. The Shun Dynasty only lasted two months in China, but it still managed to find its way to these pages by deposing the ruling Ming Dynasty and setting the scene for the Q’ing Dynasty. Li declared himself the King of the Shun dynasty in Xi'an, Shaanxi.

Wikipedia, Empire which existed from 1038 to 1227 in what are now the northwestern Chinese provinces of Ningxia, Gansu, eastern Qinghai, northern Shaanxi, northeastern Xinjiang, southwest Inner Mongolia, and southernmost Outer Mongolia, measuring about 800,000 km2.

Түүнээс хойш Түрэг болон өвөг Монгол хэлтэй олон улс ээлжлэн оршин байсан бөгөөд 13-р зууны эхээр тархай Монгол аймгуудыг Чингис хаан нэгтгэж Их Монгол Улс байгуулагдсан. Wikipedia, Independent kingdom that ruled most of the Ryukyu Islands from the 15th to the 19th century.

After the Shun Dynasty was created, Li Zicheng ordered the soldiers to kill the Ming remnants still existing in Beijing. The Sui unified the Northern and Southern dynasties and reinstalled the rule of ethnic Chinese in the entirety of China proper, along with sinicization of former nomadic ethnic minorities (Five Barbarians) within its territory.

Great Qing 大清帝国, Dà Qīng Dìguó …   Wikipedia, History of the Ming Dynasty — The History of the Ming Dynasty (zh cp|c=明朝|p=Míng Cháo) covers a period including its rule as the dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644, following the collapse of the Mongol led Yuan Dynasty. Wikipedia, Nakhi autonomous Tusi chiefdom ruled Lijiang during Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty. Unavailable to its rivals in the North China Plain. Meanwhile, other factions also fought for control over China during the Ming–Qing transition, most notably the Shun and Xi dynasties proclaimed by Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong respectively. Xingqing , until its destruction by the Mongols in 1227.

Wikipedia, Short-lived kingdom established in Manchuria by Jurchen warlord Puxian Wannu in 1215 during the Mongol conquest of the Jin dynasty.

In the ending period of Ming dynasty, the rebel leader Li Zicheng conquered Taiyuan, and Taiyuan became part of Great Shun temporarily in 1644.

Wikipedia, Korean dynastic kingdom that lasted for approximately five centuries. Li Zicheng reestablished his power base in Xi'an (Shaanxi province), where he had declared the foundation of his Shun dynasty back in February 1644. The transition from Ming to Qing or the Ming–Qing transition, also known as the Manchu conquest of China, was a decades-long period of conflict between the Qing dynasty, established by Manchu clan Aisin Gioro in contemporary Northeast China, the Ming dynasty, and various other rebel powers in China, such as the short-lived Shun dynasty led by Li Zicheng.

The Shun dynasty was an imperial dynasty created in the brief lapse from Ming to Qing rule in China.

Infobox Former Countrynative_name = 大順conventional_long_name = Great Shuncommon_name = Shun Dynasty|continent = Asiaregion = Chinacountry = Chinaera = status = Empirestatus_text = empire = government_type = Monarchy|year_start = 1644year_end = 1644|year_exile_start = 1644year_exile_end = 1645|event_start = Established in Xi'andate_start = 1644event_end = Fall of Beijingdate_end = June 5, 1644|event1 = Captured Beijingdate_event1 = 1644|event_pre = date_pre = event_post = Emperor Li Zicheng was killeddate_post = 1645|p1 = Ming Dynastys1 = Qing Dynastyflag_s1 = China Qing Dynasty Flag 1889.svgflag_type = |symbol = symbol_type = |image_map_caption = |capital = Xi'an(1644)Beijing(1644-June 5, 1644)capital_exile = latd= |latm= |latNS= |longd= |longm= |longEW= common_languages = Chinesereligion = Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religioncurrency = Chinese coin, Chinese cash|leader1 = Li Zichengyear_leader1 = 1644-1646title_leader = Emperor|stat_year1 = stat_area1 = stat_pop1 = footnotes =.

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