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© MACkite Boardsports Center. This will help you master flying, gain confidence, and teach you the basics. Trainer kites improve your kite control skills and keep you entertained on those pesky low wind days.

A three-line system allows the kiter to power and depower the kite with ease. Win win!

The only real question is whether or not you will be flying the trainer kite over water, as only a few trainer kites can relaunch once they fall in the water.

Kite control of the Ozone Ignition is smooth and intuitive, and the easy relaunch system makes it perfect for beginners. It’s a prime option for those who have some basics of flying, and don’t need excess safety or launching features. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Kids should always be accompanied by an adult. The Fluxx 2.2 is the best budget trainer kite on the market. (To relaunch a 2-line kite you'll need to walk back to the kite and put it in the correct position - see How to Fly a Trainer Kite.).

Depending on the size of the kite user, the size of the kite will be different. Flying 'hooked in' gets your body and arms in the correct positioning. The Rush Pro V 300 is a new 3-meter kite with a three line launch and relaunch system. It has a simple design with two lines and no wrist safety strap. …, The Jibe is the first transition you need to learn in wingfoiling. The Ozone Ignition is another popular three-line trainer kite that is very easy to launch and fly. Her passions are travelling, writing, and anything sea related.

If you feel too much power, letting go of the bar will land the kite safely. It also happens often that our fellow travelers get bored at the beach and don’t know what to do with themselves. The Prism Synapse is a popular pick among kitesurfers and comes in green, pink/blue, and red/orange. The Flexifoil Big Buzz is a popular pick when it comes to power kites. But maybe, once you’ve flown the trainer kite, you decide that kitesurfing isn’t the right sport for you. The Sensei Crazyfly Rookie is a simple yet durable two-line foil kite available in two sizes. …, Getting Started- Beginner Kiteboarding FAQs, Directions to MACkite Board Sports Center. A trainer kite helps you learn the basics of flying a kitesurfing kite without any of the risk. Flying 'hooked in' gets your body and arms in the correct positioning. This kite is popular among skateboarders as well.

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Your email address will not be published. Mariel is a Spanish/Argentinian freelance writer and VIP flight attendant based in Bahrain. If you are a smaller person (or if it is really windy), you may be able to use the trainer kite in the water for body dragging or in the winter for snowkiting. This means that flying a 2-meter kite will be much faster than a 10-meter kite. Want to throw down? Always fly your trainer kite somewhere with wide open spaces.

Two line kites tend to be less responsive than three- or four-line kites. If you are an absolute beginner, consider taking a lesson with a qualified kitesurfing instructor.

Before trying this, you should know how
It comes with a trainer harness to help relive pressure on the arms. Self cleaning vents release any pent up sand, allowing it to fly as it should. It is easy to control, launch, and land. Flying a trainer kite is fun and it will provide you with the steering and power skills needed to pursue the sport–and there are so many benefits of kitesurfing!

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It offers many uncrowded beaches with warm flat water and pretty sunsets. Buying a kiteboard harness progresses your training even further by being able to fly hooked in. No Waves? Trainer kites come in 2 or 3-line types and with with names like Ozone, Sensei, CrazyFly, Airush, and HQ you are guaranteed to feel the power. They are also very easy to set up and pack away after a busy day up in the sky. Buy your snow kiting harness for kite snowboarding and snow kiting. This will teach you how to self-relaunch once learning on water, land, or snow. Trainer kites are designed for light winds.

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